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Colors and it’s Meaning

Le 16 December 2013, 04:40 dans Humeurs 0

When it comes to parties, events, job interview or even first date, we are obsessed on what to wear especially for girl’s party dresses. It will take time for women to decide what to wear and are very particular on the styles and colors. Burt certain colors give each person a particular impression.

Mostly, the color you wear influences your mood, can give you confidence, give you the feeling of sexiness, or it will add excitement for the day. Some research has been done regarding on people’s perception on a particular color.


Red is a powerful and strong. Red evening dresses always make persons turn their heads on you. Red says you are not afraid to stand out and get attention from others.  It also suggests that you aim to be the center of attraction. In one study it shows that red color not only makes others attracted to you but it makes you feel more attractive when wearing it.


White is a positive color. It suggests that the person wearing is well balanced. It’s the color of innocence and virginity that is why most wedding dresses are white.


Yellow is the color of fun. It suggests that the individual is interesting, active and lively when wearing it. It can boost your mood as well as it can give a happy feeling to those watching you.


Violet suggests that the one wearing it is sensitive and compassionate. Those often wear purple wants the best in life and exude confidence.


Pink is cute! Gives on an affectionate and loving air. It suggests that the one who wears it is sympathetic and understanding.


Blue is the color of success. It is associated with loyalty and authority. When you are in blue it helps you think creatively.


Green is a color of energy and it tends to be cautious and peaceful. Green color can increase your feelings positively. It is soothing and refreshing for it represents nature.


Orange is a bold color. It tends to motivate and energize. It shows to the public that the wearer is confident and independent.


Black is a slimming color. That is why most women wear black evening dresses on night events. Little black dresses are the most common dress for women especially when it comes to cocktail dresses and party dresses.


Choosing a Perfect Party Dress

Le 12 December 2013, 14:04 dans Lifestyle 0

Finding the perfect party dresses is not easy. There are lots of dresses everywhere and you cannot easily say the dress you like is the perfect dress. In choosing the perfect dress it has to be the right dress for the occasion and the right dress for your body type.  Color also plays a great role in choosing the dress. It should complement the skin tone. Here are some guide for you in how to choose perfect dress depending on body shape and color.

There are laws of color for every skin tone. Below are the some ideas in choosing the right color for the dress.


Dark Skin. You can wear the lightest shades in the spectrum. White cocktail dresses or yellow evening dresses are just two of the color that is great for this type of skin tone. Do not wear brown and black for this make you fade in the background.


For medium skin tones go for neutral shades like brown, grey and black, which are striking and elegant on your skin tone. Blue evening dresses looks best on medium skin tone as well as red.


For fair skin, avoid white and yellow because this will not enhance your porcelain skin.  Red and green cocktail dresses are beautiful for this skin tone.  You can also choose bright colors and neutrals.


Square necked, low cut dresses are good for big bust women. And low neckline works well with smaller ones.  If you are having problem with your tummy, go for flared or empire-line dresses. Straight cut with little spaghetti straps are best for those with no waist for this will attract attention to the curves of your bust. Empire lines and long evening dresses will make you glam.

For big hips, straight cuts or empire line dresses are best in one shade for this will flatter your figure. Avoid printed dresses especially at the bottom half for this will draw attention to your behind.  For round bum, a dress with a train or a bodycon will make the most of  your lovely bum. A flared or net underskirt can give you a lovely shape for those with no bum.